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Knowledge is Power

The adage, “Knowledge is Power” is most true in regard to one’s body and health. A full and healthy life can be achieved by understanding the risks of becoming ill and also participating in wellness and healthy living practices.

Medical screening, early disease detection, and healthy living are all very important. Yearly mammograms and routine colonoscopies now lead to the early detection of breast and colon cancers, which allow treatments before these diseases become deadly. Applying similar health models to other serious diseases such as obesity and heart disease can also reduce the drastic effects these have on our population and the costly strains on our healthcare system.

What We Screen For


Dr Frank - Knowledge is Power

Unfortunately, most people will only have a marginal understanding of how complex their body is, even in a healthy state. Our main goal at ProPrecision Health is to be your daily medical resource so we can help you better understand YOUR body and bridge that gap between what you already know and what you need to know, to maximize your health. As a team, we will use that knowledge and education to give you the best possible chance to live a full and healthy life. Our action plan and daily commitment to this effort are unlike any other employer-offered program for their employees.

Dr. Frank - The Body Complex

The ProPrecision Health Core Concepts


Program administered by a board-certified physician


Comprehensive wellness program, customized for you


Only wellness program that includes imaging screening


Redefining corporate wellness for today’s busy employees

A wellness program that listens to you…Literally.

When’s the last time you scheduled an elective ultrasound screening? Most people only undergo a diagnostic scan when ordered by their doctor because they feel pain or receive suspicious blood work. ProPrecision Health performs bi-annual screening ultrasounds for all participants – potentially catching a host of issues before they cause major health problems. Early detection saves lives!

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Opportunities are limited. Call today! 832.418.6067