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The Importance of Medical Screening

Often your body is telling you something is not right, and you are either not listening or do not know how to listen to what it is saying. Early disease detection and control of risk factors can lessen or prevent major consequences. For example, a transient ischemic attack (TIA) is a warning sign for a major stroke, but only about 15-20% of people who have a stroke have a warning TIA. This same disease affects the carotid arteries and coronary arteries, which can lead to a massive stroke or heart attack, if not treated. Not only do we know what causes this arterial disease, but we also know what can reduce its severity and the harm it causes.

Similarly, it is important for a person to know if they have gallstones or kidney stones - or if there are any hidden tumors in organs such as the thyroid, kidneys, liver or pancreas. The earlier we know about these things, the faster we can deal with them before they become serious or even deadly. Many of us either know or have heard of someone who faced the serious consequences of these diseases, and we have to wonder if things could have turned out differently if these people had the knowledge and the power to change their course to a healthier life.

Our screening process can make one aware of such unrecognized and potential health problems before these warning signs are even possible.

Why Comprehensive Ultrasound Imaging Works

Ultrasound is the best tool for rapid and noninvasive body imaging. In the matter of minutes, ultrasound can detect the presence or absence of arterial vascular disease, abnormal lymph nodes, and diseases of the organs. Ultrasound imaging is extremely safe and does not use radiation. It even gives a clear picture of soft tissues that are not seen well on conventional x-ray images. The professionals at ProPrecision Health are experts in performing and reading ultrasound imaging, and they use these skills as important tools to provide our customers with the most comprehensive picture of what is going on inside of their bodies.

We will then work together to control any disease risk factors that are controllable and to seek help from a personal physician, if necessary. This type of comprehensive imaging and consultant care is not available through a primary physician, or for the cost at which we are providing it. Insurance will not usually cover our services, especially if no symptoms are present. We are offering knowledge, education, guidance, and control. However, if we detect something that requires attention, a primary doctor can also use our findings to determine next steps, including ordering insurance-covered diagnostic testing and treatment.

Another major benefit to our services is that they are managed and interpreted by a Board-Certified Physician with an active Texas Medical License. This will allow an accurate evaluation of test results with a knowledge base to determine which findings require immediate attention from a primary or specialist physician, which findings require close follow-up, and which findings are likely inconsequential, or false positives. Our customers can have peace of mind that any findings are dealt with in a methodical and appropriate medical manner, instead of leading to more invasive testing, or even surgery, that might have been unnecessary. If we find anything unusual that requires more investigation, we are willing to personally work with other physicians to help develop a plan for further action.

"With highly trained medical experience, we can provide a unique and valuable insight into every employee's individual health status.”

Start the Conversation Today – No Strings Attached

There is nothing to lose and everything to gain by having the most comprehensive screening and assessment process available. In today’s world with uncertain diseases, it is more important than ever to be keenly aware of what is happening inside of our bodies. Wellness & preventive plans as well as precision health are now very important components of our total health. We take your health, and educating you about your health, very seriously. Our imaging screening tests and personal health assessments will provide real-time evaluation for some of the most silent and most deadly health conditions. When our services are added to the exam and testing protocols you already receive from your primary care physician (colonoscopy, mammogram, prostate screening, gynecological evaluations), you will have the most complete understanding of what state of health your body is in. We will then advise you on how to best use this advanced knowledge base and learn how to better control your health - which will empower you to live life to the fullest.

This is an investment in your present and in your future. For the yearly costs of our services, an individual receives:

  • A comprehensive ultrasound screening exam and review of medical history every 2 years
  • Access to our monthly educational programs
  • Guidance in creating an individual, structured, and monitored nutrition/diet & exercise program
  • Exclusive access to the licensed medical physician who can help determine if you have symptoms that require further care
  • Help to explain any medical conditions you are being treated for
  • A liaison between you and your primary/specialty doctors regarding how you receive and understand any medical care

As a final benefit of our services, we will perform any diagnostic ultrasound exam ordered by another physician, free of charge, as part of our yearly package. Your ordering physician will receive an official report of the exam from a Broad Certified Radiologist. This is a small price to pay each year to receive elite health screening, knowledge, and guidance about your body - regardless of your age or current state of health. We do not need to convince you that this is worth the investment into yourself, or that there are innumerable things each month you already spend money on that could otherwise be spent on this important service – you already know that.


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