Advanced Corporate Wellness & Screening

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Advanced Corporate Wellness & Screening

ProPrecision Health is an innovative medical screening, wellness and consultant service committed to helping Houston-area businesses focus on their employees' health and well-being.

As corporations search for creative ways to retain top talent and elevate work environments, we are excited to be part of the solution by changing the way companies define and approach employee wellness. Our advanced corporate health and screening partnership is designed to keep your employees healthy, increase productivity, deliver customized health education, develop individualized programs, and reduce health costs. Doing all this provides peace-of-mind that individual health issues are avoided or caught early enough to treat. It’s no secret that lives can be saved with a proven combination of early detection, scheduled health assessments & tracking, and continual health education!

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Meet Dr. Frank

ProPrecision Health programs are designed and administered by Frank Morello, Jr., MD. Dr. Frank is a board-certified, diagnostic and interventional radiology specialist in the Houston market with over 27 years of experience. As a radiologist, he is responsible for assessing and interpreting a variety of puzzle pieces – patient symptoms, physical exam findings, lab values, and imaging results – to make an accurate diagnosis of diseases and recommend actionable health programs.

The Body Complex

Dr. Frank Morello

Knowledge is Power

Dr. Frank Morello

What is ProPrecision Health?

We are the premier medical screening, corporate wellness and medical consultant service to help businesses focus on their employees' health and well-being.

We work with your company to:
  • Promote overall company health for a happier and more productive work environment
  • Improve the company's overall wellness and health metrics
  • Produce results to help optimize health insurance plans
We work with your employees to:
  • Identify risk factors for diseases
  • Check for occult diseases with our comprehensive ultrasound screening and review of medical history
  • Improve individual employee wellness and health through education and action

The ProPrecision Health Core Concepts


Program administered by a board-certified physician


Comprehensive wellness program, customized for you


Only wellness program that includes imaging screening


Redefining corporate wellness for today’s busy employees

A wellness program that listens to you…Literally.

When’s the last time you scheduled an elective ultrasound screening? Most people only undergo a diagnostic scan when ordered by their doctor because they feel pain or receive suspicious blood work. ProPrecision Health performs bi-annual screening ultrasounds for all participants – potentially catching a host of issues before they cause major health problems. Early detection saves lives!

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Want to Learn More?

If you’re ready to see the benefits of your company offering a board-certified, physician-managed corporate wellness and screening program, Dr. Frank is ready to speak with you.

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